Play Your Part Theater Collective

Play Your Part is a performance-based, after-school Theatre program focused on Personal Empowerment through Performance and Practice, based in the Washington Heights School District. Reflecting all of my experience thus far, this program will focus on "Process over Product". Students will have both an "In-House" performance, and "Community Outreach" performance at the end of the program. Our mission, in aggregate with helping students refine their crafts and characters, is to encourage our Actors to become Embodied Critical Thinkers.

“Marissa has been invaluable as both a professional and personal teacher and coach. She helped my son not only do the best possible role as a singer and actor throughout the rehearsal during his professional performances, but she helped him gain the confidence and skills to love performing and internalize the learning two years later. Marissa is incredibly smart, supportive, hard working, and she has so much passion about theater and performing. Youth that work with her look so strong and poised. She is one of the finest performers and youth coaches I have ever worked with.”

  • Elizabeth Mckoy // Founding Artistic Director of Berkley Playhouse