Marie and Rosetta

“Marissa charmed MAC audiences in “Merry and Bright” during the Holiday Season. She has a beautiful voice, and is a delight to watch!”



“But “Ragtime” belonged to Marissa Rudd. Sarah barely mutters a word for most of the musical’s duration, but the second Rudd opened her mouth to sing, everything else, from the stage to the outside world, became insignificant. From her first notes to the end of the performance, Rudd’s voice captured the totality of the audience’s attention. “Your Daddy’s Son,” sung on a balcony above the rest of the set with a single spotlight, was the defining highlight of the show, an earworm that will stick with audiences long after its end.”


Dream Girls

“Marissa Rudd as Deena Jones offered terrific vocal performances along with numerous other featured actors.”

MArissa Tarzan.jpeg


‘Marissa Rudd’s talent appears to be endless. She was impressive in “Merry and Bright” and “The Fantasticks,” but truly shines as a singer, dancer, and actress in “Sister Act.”’